Busy Noggin Digital

Yes, this cobbler's kid has no shoes.

Should you trust web developers who use a single page for their company website? That depends on the why.

  1. Are they just getting started?
  2. Is it because they are incompetent?
  3. Do they not have any work worth talking about?
  4. Are they too busy building serious client sites to brag about themselves?

In our case, it is "d." Like the busy cobbler, we are too focused on delivering for clients to worry much about ourselves. Don't worry, we are building our expanded site, but for now, we prefer our kid go barefoot.

We are developing content for our new site including case studies of our new work. We will be sharing our code and development practices as well as posting articles of interest to site owners, designers and developers. Drop us an email and we will notifiy you when it launches.

We are are taking on selected new clients and projects. If you would like to know more about us or see our work, please feel free to contact us at infobusynoggincom

About Us

Busy Noggin, Inc.
612 East Dallas Road, Suite 300
Grapevine, Texas 76051

(972) 534-3100

Twitter: twitter.com/busynoggin

As a corporation, Busy Noggin has been in operation for eight years, but the professional experience of its people goes much deeper.

Ron Hall is founder of the company and has been involved in various disciplines of professional communications for over 35 years including commercial photography, graphic design and web development. He served 17 years as communications director of a large non-profit before founding Busy Noggin Digital.

Jeff is a principal of the company and would best be described as our chief code architect. He has been in full-time web development for over 12 years and is deeply experienced in multiple programming languages. Prior to joining Busy Noggin, Jeff spent 7 years with a non-profit focused on providing open source solutions to other non-profits. He has also served as a member of the international core team of TYPO3, an enterprise-level web content management system.

Jeff has a degree in Computer Science with a focus in Human-Computer Interaction from Rice University and has continuously served as a programmer since graduation. He is skilled in multiple languages, but spends most of his time programming object-oriented PHP, TYPO3 extensions and JavaScript applications.

What should you know about these and the other people working on your project? We have a knack for figuring stuff out. Especially stuff with lots of parts. Stuff like websites. We enjoy the challenge of pulling together all the various technologies and disciplines needed to develop truly dynamic, visually-effective and maintainable web solutions.