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We Are Digital Builders

What we're working on now

  • Flexible photo gallery for displaying interior design concepts
  • Creating code to support a design pattern library for a content management system
  • Code for serving individualized website content for specific users
  • Flexible email template system for marketing and transactional emails

Who We Are

Busy Noggin is a focused web agency skilled in building large websites and web applications for a select group of clients. Our developers have loads of experience in enterprise-level content management, complex web applications, front-end coding, mobile development, UX and so forth.

Our people are smart, but down-to-earth. No prima donnas or know-it-alls here. Sure, we have all the skills a development shop should, but more importantly, we have a knack for figuring out the complicated stuff and making it work.

What We Do

Powerful Websites learn more

Powerful Websites

We are experts in planning and developing websites with lots of content and custom functionality backed by an enterprise content management system (CMS). We’ve completed complex projects involving customizing the CMS, adding powerful search, multiple languages and robust workflows for data management or editorial processes.

Web Applications learn more

Website Applications

We love solving problems for unique client needs, and custom development is where we thrive. With years of experience across a wide array of languages, frameworks, and content management systems, our diverse team is equipped to plan and build custom solutions that are reliable and maintainable.

Mobile learn more

Mobile Web Sites & Applications

“Making it work on mobile” is no longer a nice-to-have feature, it’s a baseline requirement. We’ve built mobile and responsive sites for our clients, as well as, custom apps for iOS and Android. We can help you evaluate approaches to serving your mobile users and then build the best solution for you that works across devices.

E-Commerce learn more


E-commerce is mission-critical with dollars on the line. We can work with you to identify your requirements then recommend and build the best technical approach whether it involves an existing system like Magento or a full-on custom application.

And yes, we can work with other agencies and in-house departments.

  • Multi-language sites
  • Online product catalogs
  • Interactive product demos
  • Prototypes
  • Custom shopping carts
  • Enterprise, faceted search
  • Edit, review, publish workflows
  • iOS & Android apps

And yes, we can work with other agencies and in-house departments.


Everything starts with a simple conversation. Tell us your hopes and dreams for your corner of the web, and we’ll ask some questions.

Then we’ll give you our thoughts, our recommendations, and be honest as to whether we are a good fit to help. If we are, we will discuss further. If not, we will gladly give you references for those who can help you best.

We would love to start that simple conversation with you. E-mail us today and we will set up a call.

Start the conversation by email at howdy@busynoggin.com or call 972-534-3100